The challenge is over for this year. Thank you for participating.

Teen & Adult Summer Reading flyer with Tails & Tales whale swimming with a book

Earn a prize or drawing entry, your choice, after completing three of the activities in an area. Make sure you give us your name, age, and phone Can you trust your perceptions? You chose this… a reminder of the forces at work in your world. If you no longer wish to peer through the looking glass, you can return to blissful ignorance number when you send us which activities you completed.


o Download a book or audio from Overdrive.

o Watch a concert video on YouTube.

o Check out a library created video at

o See the old pictures of Oswego at

o Visit your local government’s website ( for the City;,, & for the Towns).

o Write a book review on our Facebook page.

o Share a selfie-shelfie of yourself on Instagram (hashtag #ASRP2021).

o Check your mental health test at

o Find a pattern for a new or favorite hobby.

o Find and make a new recipe.


Þ Visit the Sculpture Garden at SUNY Oswego.

Þ Watch the sun set (or rise) from the shore of Lake Ontario.

Þ Visit a State Park. You can check out an Empire Pass from the library for free entry!

Þ Walk a street or trail you have never been on before.

Þ Ride a bicycle.

Þ Paddle a small boat.

Þ Try a new sport.

Þ Race a friend.

Þ Visit the H. Lee White Maritime Museum.

Þ Walk around the entire fort at Fort Ontario.


à Turn off all electronic media for an hour. This includes your phone!

à Meditate or do Yoga for a total of half an hour.

à Bake a cake in a pan borrowed from the library.

à Building something! Yes, electronic projects including robots count.

à Try making music with things you find around the house.

à Register to vote/look up where your polling place is.

à Start your family tree.

à Redecorate your bedroom.

à Handwrite a letter to your best friend.

à Make a collage showing your hopes and dreams.

à Perform a random act of kindness for five straight days.

                                 Between the Covers

∞ Listen to an audiobook.

∞ Read a graphic novel.

∞ Read a book by an international author.

∞ Read a book by an African-American author.

∞ Read a book by an LGBTQ+ author.

∞ Read a book by a Latinx author.

∞ Read a book suggested by a librarian.

∞ Read a favorite book from your childhood.

∞ Read a book and then watch the movie.

∞ Read a cookbook & make a recipe.

∞ Read a craft book & make a project.

∞ Read a book about Syracuse or Oswego.