The Treasurer of the Oswego School District Public Library is appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer is a member of the Finance Committee, chaired by the Fiscal Officer, who provides oversight to the Treasurer. The Treasurer is an independent officer who reports to the Board of Trustees on the fiscal affairs of the Library. The Treasurer oversees the receipt and disbursement of tax monies after Board approval. As a Board Officer, this position is not covered by NYS Civil Service Law. The Treasurer is required to take an Oath of Office.

The Treasurer of the Oswego School District Public Library is a paid position with a flexible schedule that averages approximately 2 hours per week.

Essential responsibilities include:

  • Print and check bank statements/reconciliation reports for accuracy.
  • Prepare financial reports for monthly Board meetings.
  • Attend and present financial reports at monthly Board meetings.
  • Review bills paid, and verify the bill accuracy.
  • Serve on the Finance Committee, and attend Finance Committee meetings when held.
  • Assist, when needed, with the annual audit.
  • Work with the contracted bookkeeping/accounting firm.
  • Serve as an oversight/independent reviewer of the Board of Trustees/Library financial affairs.

Required qualifications:

  • Proficiency with QuickBooks and Excel.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in basic accounting/bookkeeping practices.

Please submit a resume and letter of application with a professional reference by December 15 to the Fiscal Officer of the Oswego School District Public Library at:


$250-$300/month, dependent on experience.

The position will begin January 1, 2024, or as soon thereafter.