Register now for Sequential Art & Comics with Middle School Art Teacher and Cartoonist Aaron Z. Lee and owner of the Oswego Comic Shop Evan Coy. Over three weeks learn how to make comics!

This event is free and open to the public. Supplies will be provided. It is encouraged to attend all 3 workshops but it is not required to attend all three. Even if you miss the first workshop, you can attend the later workshops. Workshop dates are 7/13, 7/20 & 7/27.  All ages are welcome. Seating is limited to this event. Please register to reserve a spot at 1 or all 3 sessions.
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  • Sign ups start July 1! You can sign up anytime but we encourage you to sign up the first week to start earning points.
  • Sign up at the library and you will get an events brochure and punch cards to track your reading. Every time you visit the library we will update your record and your completed punch cards become raffle tickets that you can use for whatever prizes you choose.
  • If you want to track your reading digitally, we can help you at the library or you can sign up at You will earn virtual badges and be able to “buy” raffle tickets with your points as you read, as well as access the events calendar.




  • What counts toward your reading log? Everything! New books, rereading a book, listening to an audiobook, graphic novels, and magazines.
  • For ages 5 and up, 1 minute of reading is 1 point (10 minutes = one punch on your card). For pre-K, each book shared is 10 points (1 book = one punch on your card).

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  • How far into the solar system can we travel? Each time you turn in a punch card, you can add a sticker to our space travel chart and contribute to our trip into outer space!
  • Each week we will have a different theme with special activities and events at the library. Earn more points by coming to Lakeside Laboratory and completing STEAM activities. You can also earn points each week for completing an “Adventurer’s Report” where you tell a staff member about what you are reading.
  • As you read more, you will earn more raffle tickets. You have a chance to win CMOO passes, Squishmallows, movie passes, Legos, and more.