Board of Trustees

PresidentWilliam Schickling
Vice-PresidentBetsy Oberst
SecretaryHeather Wallace
Other TrusteesDr. Joseph Sgarlata
Mercedes Niess
Mary McGowan
Zachary Vickery

Meeting Schedule

2nd Tuesday of the Month6:30 PM

The Board meeting scheduled for 3.14 will be held March 21st at 6:30 PM.

Duty of Loyalty/Conflict of Interest: Trustee/Board members owe allegiance to the institution and must act in good faith with the best interest of the organization in mind. The conduct of a Trustee/Board member must, at all times, further the institution’s goals and not the member’s personal or business interests.

Duty of Obedience: A trustee/board member has a responsibility to ensure that the institution’s resources are dedicated to the fulfillment of its mission… In addition, the Regents charge the Trustee to “ensure that financial resources are being used efficiently and effectively toward meeting the institution’s goals. :

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