Quiz bow crush: aka an unarticulated crush on Damien.

Valentine’s Day with mom as an eight-year-old: red hearts everywhere, even the tomato sauce on top of a cheese pizza.

Being Santa Claus for your boyfriend’s kid sister: then, being outed by your boyfriend’s other sister.

Telling prince stories to your lover at night who lost his job and a loved one within weeks of each other.

Stealing kisses with your boyfriend while his parents are at home… and getting away with it.

Love takes many forms, whether it be poetry, discovering that you have a crush on someone that you did not realize, or cozying up with your mom on a happy Feb 14. Love is exciting. Stuffing yourself into a silly costume to make your boyfriend’s sister’s dream come true. Bring vestiges from your childhood back up to comfort your lover who seems so sad after he has lost so much. Sneaking around and finding time to make out without parents catching you in the art is an art form in itself.

Red, pink, purple and blue designate different emotions and feelings, different facets of love. Red for a hot, burning, sensual desire. Pink for sweet affection and kisses. Purple for the stormy hurt that occurs in relationships, whether it heals or not. Blue for loss and sadness that people hopefully eventually get over.

Words and letters like windows into one’s soul.

19 love songs.

Pick your favorites.

19 Love Songs by David Levithan, 2020

I started reading this book during covid in one city, and I finished it in another. As always, Levithan’s creativity never fails to amaze me. I love the cover art.

David Levithan’s web site