Michelle Obama became the first black First Lady of the United States in January of 2008. In order to get there, she had to be better, stronger, and faster than the rest. Being a first anything is tough, but Michelle Obama did an excellent job at promoting physical fitness and healthy eating at a time when childhood and adult obesity rates were at epic proportions. She epitomized grace in her role, inspired young women, and supported her family through all of the ups and downs of constant surveillance. Her opinions influenced the presidency of Barack Obama and their daughters thrived throughout the experience, which is no small feat. I am so glad that Michelle Obama was the First Lady of color en la casa blanca.  

Getting to the Oval office was no small feat. Michelle honestly did not think that her husband could win, but she went above and beyond to make sure that it happened. She reduced her hours at a Chicago hospital to three days per week so that she could spend more time out on the campaign trail. She and the girls spent hours in transit between events in order to promote the Obama-Biden ticket. She spoke about her personal experience with Barack and her belief in what her husband had to offer so many times. In thanks for her efforts, the press labelled her as “angry,” which caused her to adjust her nonverbal communication.  

Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama met in Chicago in the 1980s as young lawyers. Barack was an intern that the law office assigned to Michelle. Her job was basically to mentor and woo him to the firm as a permanent employee. Michelle was struck by his nonchalant and humble manner. Barack was still in law school, but he was a few years older than her. He quickly became known in the firm as a rising star. Michelle was unsure about the appropriateness of dating him. Nevertheless, the two were soon together, and staff of the firm were aware of this. They eventually moved in together, married, and had Malia and Sasha. The demands of Barack’s work put some strain on the marriage, but counseling helped them resolve their issues.  

Michelle never thought of herself as the political type. However, her sprint through schooling and the bar exam towards societal standards of success left her feeling empty. Her law career earned her much money and took up all of her time, but it did not provide fulfillment. Michelle found herself working in the mayor’s office for much less money, but she liked it. She became an assistant commissioner then she took an administrative job in a local hospital. Being a great mother is what she did when not on the job. She and Barack always made sure that the girls had everything they needed, including happiness.  

Becoming by Michelle Obama, 2018  

This is the story of a remarkable woman who did everything under her power to promote her husband’s talents and shatter the barriers of color and socio-economic status. She shared her husband’s talents with the world. Through sheer exhaustive effort, she persevered in helping America elect its first black president and first black family. Millions of individuals were elated to experience the historic moment of just one more step towards racial equality in this country. Thank you for all that you do and all that you did for America, Michelle Obama.  

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