Becoming a new manager can be a process filled with trepidation… but it does not have to be. In order to get things done well, a manager must become competent at a varied skill set. The managerial job is fundamentally different than being a line worker… and it can take a bit of getting used to. Instead of taking care of customers and following the directions of a supervisor, now you are the supervisor. People come to you with problems, comments and questions. You must make your own goals and priorities, and market them upward to the board of trustees or upper management and downward to your subordinates. No one else will manage your time for you; you have to figure out what you want to accomplish, determine which tasks will achieve those goals, and delegate them to others.

You are in charge now. What kind of manager do you wish to be, and what milestones will you achieve, with the invaluable assistance of your team? 

Managing your employees will be a large, very important component of your new career. You will need to learn how to conduct effective business meetings, both group and individual, and how to motivate staff to perform well. You will begin to decipher when meetings will be helpful towards achieving a goal and when emails or other measures would be a time-saving way to achieve the same objective. No one enjoys wasting time at fruitful meetings, so keep your meetings focused, on track, and be mindful of peoples’ time.

Collecting and analysing statistics can be a useful method of measuring a company’s success or lack thereof. You can then utilize this data to make changes to help the staff and company improve their performance. However, it is easy to get mired in endless numbers and lose sight of what they all mean. You will need to determine which statistics are useful and how to interpret them correctly. Numbers can serve as a tangible measure of success that everyone can celebrate, but you must understand them first.

My First Time in Charge: Stop Worrying – Start Performing: Practical Guide For New Managers by Danielle Matteucci, 2019

This guide will help you became an adept new leader. I have read many management books, and I searched for some of this ilk in preparation for my new job. None of them quite hit the spot. Then I got lucky. A family member picked this one up for me, and it is perfect.

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