Ewing Beach, California. Surf, sun, and lots of fun. Alberta is an up-and-coming seventh grader who has the pleasure to live there with her fabulous dads. She loves everything about it, especially her bff, Laramie. The girls hang out much during the summer. They enjoy spending time on the beach and getting free ice cream at the Coleman Creamery where Laramie’s brother, Leif, works. They discuss all things: girl talk, school and life in their Californian paradise. Everything is going great for Alberta this summer.  

Then it gets even better.  

She discovers that another black family will be moving into the neighborhood. They will occupy the bed and breakfast across the street from Alberta’s house. The tween is beyond thrilled to have a black girl to befriend. It is a bit challenging for her to be surrounded by mostly white folks. She longs to have someone that looks like her and understands what it is like to be stared at just because she looks different, to have people assume that she doesn’t belong just because she is different. Alberta will finally have someone to commiserate with.   

That comes in the form of Edie. She is everything that Alberta hoped for… and more.  

Edie is goth girl through and through. The tween is adorned in all black and purple clothing, complete with combat books. All of the decor in her attic bedroom is black, down to the rugs and curtains. Edie is a bit of a fish out of water in the small Californian town since she comes from Brooklyn, New York. She misses the people and the corner bodega, where she could get absolutely everything. However, she likes Alberta very much, and she wants to give the bed and breakfast thing a try with her mother.   Edie, Laramie and Alberta begin hanging out together. They face the challenges of seventh grade as a cohesive team. Laramie is soaking up the Californian life. Alberta is adjusting to living with her pregnant surrogate mother, along with her dads. Edie is being called Wednesday Adams at school; she is a bit of a sensation, being the new kid in a small town. The three girls can take on anything with the support of each other and their families.  

The Only Black Girls in Town by Brandy Colbert, 2020  

I love diverse books, and Brandy Colbert is a talented author.  

Brandy Colbert’s web site  

by Miranda McDermott