In 2020, Kamala Harris became the first Black and Indian American US vice presidential nominee. In 2017, she became the first woman of color Californian district attorney. Prior to that she was the San Francisco district attorney. Harris has been a lot of firsts in her career, and she does not want to be the last of anything.  

Harris’ mother was from India, and her father is from Jamaica. She appreciates her relatives from both sides of her family very much. As a kid growing up in California, she attended one of the first integrated schools in the 1960’s. The rich diversity and exposure to a variety of cultures in the unique learning environment had a lasting effect on her. When she was a teen, her mother took a job at a Canadian university so they moved to Canada. After that, the young woman attended Howard University in Washington, DC.   

Harris has a passion to work for the people, and she feels compassion for individuals who are facing financial and other hardships. She fights for disenfranchised groups. Kamala Harris is indefatigable in her struggle for justice and equity in this society. This woman is a force to be reckoned with on the political landscape of America today.   

  • Bail reform – Harris believes in busting wide open the school-to-prison pipeline, the poverty-to-prison pipeline, and the young man of color-to-prison pipeline. Incarcerating juveniles only subjects them to the high recidivism rate that plagues individuals in jail and perpetuates the cycle of chronic incarceration.
  • Back on Track – Many young people will reform their ways if given educational and job training opportunities.
  • Elementary truancy – 92% of high school drop-outs were truant in elementary school. She understands that impoverished, overworked parents may ask older children to care for younger ones, but this trend must be stopped. With appropriate supports, the kids can be helped to attend school. 
  • Making health care affordable – Most people cannot afford health care in the United States. We need to fund health care for all, perhaps through a single-payer system. We should stop making big pharmaceutical companies filthy rich. 
  • Home Foreclosure Crisis – During the Great Recession of 2008, many homes were foreclosed upon. This was largely the fault of big banks that approved loans to individuals who did not have the collateral to repay them. Harris turned a proposed $2 – $4 million dollar settlement into a $18 – $20 million dollar settlement by withdrawing from negotiations, then having a heart-to-heart talk with the CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Marriage equality – Harris fought to expedite the right to wed regardless of gender of the spouses. She officiated in 2013 at one of the first gay marriages in California.  
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – Harris fights for Dreamers to become citizens and continue contributing to the American economy. She deeply values their contributions, and she wants to prevent the cruelty of kids being ripped from their parents’ arms by immigration officials. 

Kamala Harris became a legal prosecutor in order to represent the people of the United States because a crime against any American resident is considered to be a crime against us all. She has worked to reduce the prison population of the most overincarcerated nation in the world. Harris stands for women’s rights, the rights of minorities and incarcerated persons. She also strongly believes in preserving our environment for future generations; and she has vowed to end fracking and the use of harmful fossil fuels. The USA is so lucky to have her as its Democratic vice presidential nominee.   

The Truths We Hold: an American Journey by Kamala Harris, 2019  

Kamala Harris inspires people to take action and change societal for the better by contacting their local legislators. I hope that the parole system will be reformed. Parolees could be given lawyers to help plead their cases. In many instances, only “the nature of the offense” is considered when individuals come up for parole consideration, and the importance of good behavior and other factors are dismissed. This leads to warehousing individuals who are not a danger to society at the taxpayers’ expense.   

I also read her picture book for kids, Superheroes Are Everywhere. I liked the structure of the children’s book, the illustrations, the photographs and the positive, empowering message for kids.