4 ½ stars for Paris audiobook by Paris Hilton

   “I was looking for something “light” to listen to. This wasn’t it, but far exceeded my expectations. If you liked, Pamela a Love Story on Netflix, you’ll like this memoir. It touches on the subject of sexual abuse and is primarily about her time as a teen at an abusive institution. It peaked my interest in learning more about survivors of Provo Canyon School. Lots of discussion on celebrity, technology, and the rise of social media.” – Nicole Shue

4 stars for Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

   “I wouldn’t consider this for a particular age group. Overall a really good book. I was captivated as I kept reading Anne’s story. I related more to the older Anne Shirley. The story was boring until the entrance exam and then it sped up and got more interesting.” – Emily Brown

4 stars for The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell

   “I particularly liked the setting – a small college in an English town. The book had a gothic vibe in describing the main characters estate. What kept me flipping through pages were the clues, and wanting to know the fate of the couple. It had a surprise LGBTQIA+ storyline, which I loved and through queer young adults could see themselves in or relate to.” – Nicole Shue

4 ½ stars for The Housemaid’s Secret by Freida McFadden

   “I read the Housemaid and I just had to go out and find the sequel right away. Found a new author that I definitely enjoy!” – Tine Bitler

4 stars for Somebody’s Daughter audiobook by Ashley Ford

   “Thought it would focus mostly on the author’s father’s incarceration, but instead it focused on her relationship with her present parent – her mother. Ashley holds nothing back in describing their bond, the good parts and the bad (physical abuse). It made me think about what “home” means to me and how important safety and stability is in a person’s younger years.” – Nicole Shue

3 stars for Being Lolita by Alissa Wood

   “A 17-year-old becomes involved with her high school English teacher (who is obsessed with the book Lolita). It is a memoir. Wish the author had more self-realization or had described her trauma healing journey.” – Nicole Shue