5 stars for Savage Sam by Fred Gipson

   “A well-written adventure tale even better than Old Yeller. Only briefly touched on settlers’ encroachment on buffalo and its effects on Native American tribes’ way of life as a possible driver for hostilities, but I was impressed that a book written in the early 60s touched on it at all. Additionally, so much of the story is focused on the protagonist’s attempts at survival and rescue that I would not expect it to wax philosophical. A very enjoyable read, even for a Western.” – Hannah Lebo

5 stars for Everything will be Okay by Dana Perino

   “Great advice for young adults who are just starting to work. I love how Dana integrates her faith in practical ways in her life 😊 Very good book!!” – Emily Brown

5 stars for Educated by Tara Westover

   “The things Tara Westover dealt with are crazy! Honestly, the story sounds like a series of unfortunate events – it doesn’t sound real. It is though. The whole memoir is so crazy and I was amazed she overcame of boatload of trauma and got a really good education.” – Madeline Brown

4 stars for The Retreat by Sarah Pearse

   “One of those stories that keeps you guessing up until the end!” – Tina Bitler