6.1 Choosing and Evaluating Resources
The library offers access to the Internet as an electronic means of reaching ideas and information and greatly expanding its information services beyond the traditional collection and resources. Because of this, the library is recognized by the New York State Department of Education as an Electronic Doorway Library.
The Internet provides access to many valuable local, national and international sources of information. However, not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information. The library cannot control the accuracy of information, the validity of the information, availability of links, nor the availability of materials that some may find offensive. A user is responsible for evaluating the validity of the information for himself/herself.
Library users access the Internet at their own discretion and are responsible for any access points they reach.

6.4 User Agreement

By checking the back of their library application card, the user acknowledges that he/she has received a copy of this form & will abide by the library Internet Use Policy and Guidelines. A circular dot will be placed on the patron’s card indicating that they have received a copy of this Policy.

6.5 Wireless Internet Access

The Oswego Public Library offers free wireless Internet access to library users with wireless-enabled devises. The provisions set forth in the Library’s Internet Use Policy and Guidelines are applicable to wireless network access.
Our network supports a wide range of laptop computers. Most wireless network cards will be compatible. However, the Library can make no guarantees as to compatibility of a library user’s device with the Library’s network. If a device doesn’t recognize our wireless network, the library user should review the configuration settings provided at the Circulation desk. Library staff does not provide wireless access support and will not install or modify hardware or software.
Communication through the wireless network should not be considered secure. Library users are responsible for selecting and installing security protection and current virus definitions on their wireless devices. The Library is not responsible for damage to hardware or software, transmission of computer viruses, loss of data or email, or any harm resulting from the use of an unsecured server. It is strongly advised that personal,
financial or otherwise sensitive information not be transmitted through the wireless network.
Printing from the wireless network is available. Stop at the main circulation desk or visit the library’s website at www.oswegopubliclibrary.org to learn how. Files can be saved to a device or e-mailed.
The wireless network can accommodate interactive searches on the Web. It cannot accommodate the downloading of large document files. Therefore, downloading of software, images, music, etc. from the Web onto a library user’s equipment is not permitted. Library users will be asked to terminate any activity that adversely impacts the network’s performance.
When using wireless-enabled devises to listen to music, dialog, sound effects, etc. library users must use earphones to make the sound inaudible to others. If sound is heard despite the earphones, the library user must lower the sound level or turn the equipment off.