Jeffrey Epstein had a talent with numbers. He could straighten out many a wealthy person’s finances in no time flat. Though he was born into poverty, he began to reap the monetary rewards of being an economic wiz. Hobnobbing with the rich and famous soon became second nature to him. He enjoyed a life of luxury, which included owning prime real estate in multiple swanky locations, including Palm Beach, Manhattan, and Little St. James Island, which he owned. Epstein enjoyed attending parties and meeting many women. 

However, there was a pernicious undercurrent to all of the glitz and glamour. Epstein had a habit of hanging out with underage girls. Some of the teenagers that he encountered, he turned into pimps. According to them, the younger the better. His choice hunting grounds: local middle and high schools. When girls visited his residences to give him “massages,” he would sometimes offer them $200 to bring in another girl. This seemed like easy money to some, and they obliged. Epstein was seeing two to three girls per day on a regular basis.

All of this coming-and-going activity of young females in and out of Epstein’s homes did not escape the attention of the local authorities. In fact, in at least one of the locations where there was an active, ongoing investigation into him, the billionaire made a hefty donation to the local police department. Eventually, a parent of one of the girl “masseuses” went to police with her suspicions about Epstein. It was not long before the house of cards began to fall.   

Filthy Rich by James Patterson, 2016

This is definitely a tale of the differential treatment of wealthy criminal suspects. The scope and breath of Epstein’s elaborate brothel schemes is shocking.

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