In 2012, Obama and Biden ran and won the presidential and vice presidential race.

In 2013, Beau Biden was diagnosed with brain cancer.

In 2014, Beau’s diagnosis and prognosis weighed heavily on the family.

In 2015, Joe Biden needed to decide whether to run for president. His son died in May.

In 2016, Biden decided to take the time he needed to grieve the loss of Beau.

Initially, Joe Biden was hesitant to accept a vice presidential position with Obama in 2012 due to the fact that the job has been widely viewed essentially as a non-position. In fact, when he received the request from Obama while riding the train, he flat-out said no. Later, his family urged him to reconsider the offer. After meeting with Barack Obama and discussing the potential partnership, Biden decided that he appreciated Obama’s style of management. He was convinced that he would be able to have input and influence into all aspects of Obama’s administration. He would be invited to attend all the key meetings and to give Obama his advice and impressions of each of them.

During Obama’s second term as president, concern about his son troubled the vice president. Beau’s brother, Hunter, was especially close to Beau, and he provided him with an incredible amount of support. Joe Biden visited Beau at the hospital whenever he could. Beau was an inspiration to all of his family and the medical personnel who worked closely with him. Beau was stoic, and he willingly tried all of the options that the doctors laid out for him. He allowed experimental treatments to be utilized on himself. Through all of the pain and anxiety, Beau had a wonderfully positive attitude about himself, the world, and his loved ones.

As vice president, Joe Biden had the opportunity to travel the world. He ensured that all of his grandchildren travelled to nations with him. He liked to enhance their civic education by taking his grandfatherly duties as seriously as the negotiation talks that he engaged in while he was abroad. In Iraq and Ukraine, he attempted to minimize war and harm to civilians. He spent countless hours in conversation to reach compromises that all countries involved could live with. 

Among his many accomplishments, 46-year-old Beau Biden was a Delaware state attorney general, and he served for a year in the Iraq War. He was married, and he had two children. He wanted everyone to be happy, and he did not want his illness to sadden his father. He urged his father to run for president in 2016. Beau would have been so proud to see his dad take on the herculean task of running to lead the country through the pandemic and racial strife of the USA in 2020.

Promise Me, Dad: a Year of Hope, Hardship and Purpose by Joe Biden, 2017

This was a touching book that was difficult to get through due to the pain and heartache of watching a vibrant middle-aged man suffer through cancer treatments. 

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